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Vaccinations for aurora co dogs and cats

Vaccines help pets live longer, happier and healthier lives and are one of the most basic components of veterinary care. Diseases like parvovirus, distemper, and panleukopenia which carry very high mortality rates, are now easily prevented by proper vaccination protocols. However, to an unvaccinated animal, these diseases are just as deadly as they have ever been. While vaccines against these viruses are considered part of the core set of vaccines, there are many other diseases that your pet may need to be vaccinated against. This will all depend on you and your pet’s lifestyle, travel habits and your pet’s age. 

Not all vaccines prevent deadly diseases. But any illness is unacceptable! We recommend many vaccines that prevent common upper respiratory infections like Bordetella. Bordetella can be prevalent in dog parks, doggy daycares or anywhere that multiple dogs may be present.

Other diseases like Leptospirosis can be less common but if your dog is exposed to bodies of water or spends a lot of time outdoors there could be a risk. Not to mention that Leptospirosis is zoonotic meaning it can be transmitted to humans and other animals! But a simple vaccine can greatly reduce or completely eliminate the risk!

Our Aurora vet clinic team evaluates the needs and risk factors of each pet and family before recommending vaccines beyond the core group. Younger and older pets generally need more or a different set of vaccines since pets at both life cycles have a weakened immune system. Young pets are especially vulnerable since they haven’t developed protection against many viruses that older dogs have already been exposed to. Additionally, pets need more than just the initial vaccine for protection and just like humans, they need boosters to keep them protected.

Our veterinary staff at Parkside will consider all factors that may influence the vaccination needs of your pet and put together a vaccination plan that makes sense for you and your pet. Contact us today and let’s get a vaccine plan in place for your pet!