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Veterinary Services

Brenda Eisenhauer, DVM

Parkside Animal Health Center is a locally owned and operated veterinary clinic on S Parker Road that offers everything most Aurora pet owners need to keep their dog, cat or small mammal happy and healthy. We combine our veterinary expertise with a focus on client service to create an outstanding veterinary experience for both you and your pet.

Parkside offers all the basics like wellness exams, vaccinations and routine spay/neuter surgeries but we also offer more advanced surgeries or specialty treatments like laser therapy.

We are an AAHA accredited facility which means that all of our veterinary practices follow the AAHA guidelines. Additionally, all of our services have a foundation in our core values of education, compassion, and communication.

We focus on education for our clients and for ourselves to ensure we are up to date on new technology and advances in veterinary science.

We believe compassion is an important part of practicing veterinary medicine. Our patients can’t speak and compassion for our patients helps us bridge this gap. Compassion for clients and empathy for the stress of having a sick pet helps us provide better service to every person that walks through our doors.

We know that communication is important to any interaction and we always take our time to listen and communicate clearly with clients.

We strive to take the phrase “veterinary service” seriously. That means we focus not just on being skilled and experienced veterinarians and technicians but we also strive to provide a top tier service too!

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