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Brenda DVM veterinarian and practice owner in 80015

Brenda Eisenhauer, DVM

Dr. Brenda Eisenhauer spent her childhood summers in Ohio helping naturalists with hikes and presentations, looking at bugs under a Fisher Price microscope and drawing endless pictures of the whales and dolphins she planned to train when she grew up.  In college, she studied spider ecology in the Galapagos Islands, mapped the genetics of Ohio stream fish, and learned to bathe cats as a veterinary assistant.  She traveled to the East Coast to attend veterinary school at Tufts University, spending summers in Australia tracking the source of koala Chlamydia infections and in Zimbabwe educating villagers to be good stewards of their environment as well as their livestock.  She graduated with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2004, as well as a Certificate in International Medicine, a new found love of skiing, and plans to move to Colorado to begin her professional career.  Dr. Eisenhauer completed a Certificate in Public Health at Colorado University to further her training in infectious disease during her first few years working as a veterinarian in southeast Denver and continued pursuing her passion for surgery, animal welfare and infectious disease by taking positions at several Colorado animal shelters.  Dr. Eisenhauer met her husband, Eric, at one of these shelters, and they were married in 2012, merging their respective pets into one large furry family.  It was also through this shelter work that Parkside Animal Health Center in Aurora was born.  Shelter work provided (and still does, two days a week!) an opportunity to change the life of an animal at one specific moment in time; Parkside allows Dr. Eisenhauer and her staff the opportunity to continue that care as part of a team with pet owners throughout an animal’s life.  Dr. Eisenhauer loves the challenge of disease diagnosis and prevention, the art of surgery and the loving bond between animals and people.  While her schedule and running a business leaves very little free time, she does enjoy getting outside to hike or camp with her husband and dogs (Cayde, Loki and Emmy), and couch time with her sphinx cat (Victor von Doom) and some mindless TV in the evening.

Dr. Lauren Barrow, DVM of Aurora, CO

Lauren Barrow, DVM


Dr. Lauren Barrow has been with Parkside Animal Health Center since March 2013. She earned her DVM and Bachelor’s degrees from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where she met her husband, Kris. They currently live in the suburbs of southeast Aurora with their three human children (Brady, Carson and Cameron) their three dogs (Nena, Vince and Batman), blue-tongued skink (Squirt), and cockatiel (Chuckles). Their horse  currently resides nearby in Watkins. Dr. Barrow’s time off is usually spent with her family, playing with the animals, enjoying a craft brew on a patio or cheering at soccer games. Since joining the Parkside team, she has started volunteering on the Dumb Friends League Meow Mobile, honing her spay and neuter skills and growing a new appreciation for the hard-working, big-hearted people who devote so much of their lives to the animals that need rescuing. She also enjoys writing blog articles and educational handouts for Parkside clients and lives for the variety and relationships that characterize small animal general practice. Her favorite things to see in the morning? A hot cup of coffee and a healthy bouncing puppy!

Rand Winton, DVM at Parkside Animal Health Center

Rand Winton, DVM


Dr. Rand Winton joined Parkside Animal Health Center in March, 2015. She is a 1996 graduate of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to pursuing her dream of caring for animals, she worked as a registered nurse for 14 years, in a number of settings. Following graduation from vet school, Dr. Winton completed a 13 month rotating internship at VCA South Shore Animal Hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Once her internship was completed, she felt a change was in order and left New England for Colorado. Dr. Winton has been in private practice since 1997 and has a strong interest in internal medicine, enjoying the puzzle-solving involved in complex medical cases. She is very committed to pet wellness and strives to provide the very best preventative care for all the animals in her care. Sharing her home are four Great Danes. This population is always subject to change due to her work with Big Dogs, Huge Paws, a giant breed rescue for whom she serves as Chief Medical Officer (and sometimes foster mom). Her dogs are truly her babies and most of her spare time is spent with them, either in classes, going to the dog park or just hanging out at home. She enjoys gardening and has gotten creative enough with combining a garden and a house full of giant dogs that most of the food she grows makes it into the house!

Veterinary Support Staff

Jenna, Veterinary Technician

Jenna, Veterinary Technician

Jenna joined Parkside in 2020 and, in addition to being an incredible veterinary technician, she has taken over managing our medical equipment inspections and maintenance.  Jenna is posing here with her 2 dogs, Jib and Ketch.





Evelyn, Veterinary Technician

We met Evelyn during her externship to finish her associates degree in Veterinary Technology from Pima Medical Institute.  She fit in well with our team and our philosophies, so was invited to stay on as one of our Veterinary Technicians.  Evelyn is pictured here with her dog, Marley.








Janie Parkside Animal Health Center veterinary assistant with small dog

Janie, Veterinary Assistant


Janie began working at Parkside Animal Health Center in October, 2015. She received her veterinary assistant certificate from Pima Medical Institute and has been working on her practice manager certification. Janie went into this field because she has a passion for animals and enjoys caring for them and helping them feel loved. She loves animals of all sizes, but has a special interest in reptiles. Janie grew up on a farm full of animals in Lubbock, Texas. In her free time, she likes to find new places to take her dogs on walks, baking and creating new pastries. She also loves hiking and fishing with her dad. Janie’s family includes two small dogs with very big personalities (Smiley and Roxi).


Skylinn, Veterinary Assistant


Skylinn joined our Parkside team in February 2018 as a veterinary assistant.  She got her first dog when she landed in Colorado from California when she was 6, and this sparked her love of animals.  Even as a kid, she volunteered in animal shelters and Pets for Vets, helping veterans find lifelong companions.  Skylinn currently lives with her 2 dogs: a husky named Kinala and a shepherd-rottie mix named Oso who was rescued off the streets.  Skylinn loves scary movies and camping with her dogs.  She is currently studying medical courses to complete her degree as a veterinary assistant.



Melissa, Customer Service Representative

Melissa joined Parkside Animal Health Center in 2020 as a customer service representative, and in 2021 is branching into patient care, expanding her hours as a veterinary assistant. 

She is pictured here with her kitty Venus.

Seanna, Veterinary Assistant

Seanna started at Parkside in 2021 after completing her externship hours for her degree from PIMA as a veterinary assistant.  

Levi, Customer Service Representative

Levi began greeting our clients and patients on the phone and at the front door when he moved to Colorado in 2021.


Whisper, Clinic Kitty

Whisper, Clinic Kitty



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