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Rabbits and Small Mammals

healthy rabbit after treatment at Parkside Animal Health Center

At Parkside we don’t just treat cats and dogs! Rabbits, rats, ferrets, gerbils and guinea pigs all have a special place at Parkside Animal Health Center! While these pets are always popular as easy to take care of furry friends, they still need routine veterinary care!

Small mammals are obviously very different from cats and dogs and as a result can have very different needs when it comes to care. New owners often struggle with the complexity of cage set up which can have a massive impact on the overall health of your small mammal. Nutrition is another area of confusion and some small mammals will require more than the standard pellets. In fact, many will benefit from fresh vegetables being added into their diet.

Small mammals have a unique physiology that can require special care. For example, rats and rabbits can’t vomit! While this may just seem like a fun fact it becomes very important if your rabbit or rat eats something they shouldn’t since they can’t clear it out of their system the way a cat, dog or human would!

Because most small mammals are prey species, they have gotten very good at hiding their illnesses so that they are not specifically targeted by predators. Unfortunately, this means that identifying concerns in small mammals can be very difficult as they will often show no outward signs of injury or illness. We know what to look for when it comes to pocket pets and several of us are small mammal owners ourselves!

At Parkside Animal Health Center in Aurora, we love helping new small mammal owners learn more about their pet! In line with our core value of education, we want to be your guide to small mammal veterinary care and help you understand exactly what your small mammal needs to live a happy and healthy life!

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