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veterinary consultations for nutritional wellness

You are what you eat and our pets are no different!

Nutrition and diet choices are a critical component of your pet’s health. Luckily, it is also one of the easiest decisions to follow through on since your pet eats the same food every day. If only it was that easy for us!

The difficult part is deciding which food is best for your pet. That’s where we come in! At Parkside Animal Health Center, we know there is a huge variety of choices when it comes to pet food. The volume of choices can be downright overwhelming! Our veterinarians will evaluate your dog, cat or small mammal’s activity and health to create a well-balanced diet plan specific to your individual pet. Additionally, we will continue to adjust our nutritional advice as your pet ages or activity levels change.

Our veterinarians can help you understand the often confusing pet food labels and evaluate which specialty diet, if any, is right for your pet. There are diets specially formulated to manage kidney disease, arthritis, sensitive stomachs, allergies, hairballs and urinary tract infections. There is even kibble that is specially designed to decrease the formation of dental disease! Our veterinarians can help you decide what is best managed through diet, supplements or other treatments.

Pet obesity is one of the most common health concerns we see in pets of any age. Some pets can’t control their intake and they have trained their owners to support this! Our veterinarians will help you decide the real caloric needs of your pet so your feeding schedule is based on science and not the appetite of your cat, dog or small mammal.

Parkside Animal Health Center carries a variety of foods from the major brands and if we don’t have the diet that your pet needs in stock then we can easily have your preferred food shipped directly to your home every month. Like we’ve said before, we want to be your Aurora veterinary clinic and that means not only handling your treatment needs but your pet food needs as well.

Contact us to today to find out more about our your pet’s ideal diet!


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