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Behavioral Medicine


While many veterinarians and behaviorists try to draw clear lines between the two professions, the reality is that the fields of behavior and veterinary medicine are very difficult to separate. Behavioral concerns are often connected to medical concerns that must be resolved first. One of the most common combinations of medical and behavior concerns comes in the form of inappropriate urination in cats or dogs. Cats especially can have a long list of interwoven issues for urinating outside of the litter box. Sometimes, this behavior can be related to a urinary tract infection or bladder stones. Other times it is your cat’s reaction to undesirable change. Or it could be a combination of both! That’s why it is always best to start with a veterinarian when it comes to new or unwanted behaviors! A wellness exam is a great place to start when you see a change in behavior. 

At Parkside Animal Health Center, we can help differentiate and rule out medical concerns for unwanted or new behaviors. Using this two pronged approach often generates better results as we work to address all possible causes.

Behavior problems can put a strain on your relationship with your pet- which is the last thing we want to see. We get it, when your cat is urinating on your bed or your normally house trained dog starts urinating on the floor it can be harder to appreciate the relationship you have with your pet. But before assuming a pet is just acting out we should first ask whether or not a medical cause is present.

As we’ve said before, we want Parkside to be your Aurora veterinary clinic. That not only means being your source of veterinary needs but that also means assisting with the big picture wellness of your pet. From puppyhood or kittenhood to old age we want to be your honest partner in veterinary and behavioral health.

We look forward to working with you to make your pet the healthiest and most well-behaved companion they can be. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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