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Emma is so excited we now offer Telemedicine!

Parkside Animal Health Center is excited to offer telemedicine appointments for our existing clients. These appointments are a convenient way to get the care you need for your pets while practicing safe social distancing. 

If you already know you need a telemedicine appointment, click the button below to schedule. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more!

Do I Have To Be Existing Client?

Telemedicine is ONLY an option (legally, according to the Colorado Veterinary Practice Act) for a current client whose pet we have seen in the last 12 months.  We all hold Colorado veterinary licenses, so you and your pet DO need to be in Colorado for us to legally see and treat your pet.

What types of problems are best suited for a Telemedicine Appointment? 

Due to the limitations of Telemedicine, these appointments are best for progress evaluations of a current condition, discussion of a change in symptoms from a chronic condition, or for a new evaluation of something you have noticed at home (a new bump, a wound, a change in mobility).  As our veterinary team is unable to physically touch your pet or run testing during these appointments, treatment options are limited and additional diagnostics may be required. However, our hope is that this is a way to help you to triage conditions you can manage at home, provide advice on the urgency of additional work-up, and assist you in caring for your pet until further care is possible.

How Can I Request A Telemedicine Appointment? 

You can call our office to schedule or request an appointment online with PetDesk by selecting “Telemedicine Exam” as the Reason for Appointment. You will be asked to pay a $40 consultation fee when you confirm your appointment over the phone. If the condition can not be addressed via Telemedicine and your pet needs to come in for a physical examination, the $40 will be applied to the examination charge if scheduled within 72 hours of the Telemedicine Appointment.

You can click here to request an appointment with Pet Desk. 

How Does It Work? 

We will email you a link to join us on Zoom after you book your appointment. Zoom is completely free and can be used on any device with a camera but we ask that you use a laptop, desktop or tablet if possible. Our veterinary staff will “check in” your appointment like normal, our veterinarian will review any available information you’ve provided, and then she will meet with you for the consultation on Zoom, with notes from the evaluation and her medical recommendations provided over email following the consultation.

You can find out more about joining a meeting with Zoom by watching this video.

How Do I Prepare for the Exam?

Find a spot with good lighting and minimal background noise and make sure your pet is with you. Please try to join the meeting a few minutes early to give yourself time to work out any technical issues.  Also, it’s nice if you have a second person available to help – it can be hard to manage both an electronic device and a pet.  However, if it’s just you, it’s OK – we will figure it out with you!

Should I Send You Pictures or Video Before the Exam?

Any information that you can provide before the exam would be great! Please feel free to send pictures or videos to and include your name and your pet’s name in the subject line.