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Microchipping Pet Scan

Parkside Animal Health Center is committed to keeping pets from getting lost which is why we encourage everyone to microchip their pet! Microchipping your pet is a simple, safe and easy way to help your lost pet get home. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and can easily be placed in your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. From there, the microchip simply sits underneath your pet’s skin.

How Does A Microchip Help My Lost Pet Get Found?

Microchips don’t track the location of your pet but they produce a specific number when scanned by a special scanner. This number is unique to your pet and then connects your pet to you. The great thing about microchips over traditional tags and collars is that they can’t be taken off or damaged easily. Tags can wear out over time and become unreadable or collars can break off. But microchips are generally very reliable!

The most important thing to remember is that your pet’s microchip number is linked to the name, address and phone number that was given to the microchip registration company. If you change your address or phone number you have to remember to update that information- otherwise, the microchip will not help! While this seems like a simple step, it is one that is easily forgotten and many homeless pets sadly have unregistered microchips. In fact, according to PetFinder, only 58% of microchipped animals had their registration updated with the correct information for their pet parent!

But My Pet Won’t Get Lost!

We hope no pets get lost ever again! But the sad fact is that one out of three pets will be lost at some point in their life! It happens! One study (again from Petfinder) showed that while 22% of lost dogs that came into shelters were reunited with their families that number was over 52% for dogs that microchips! That’s a huge difference!

Even better, Aurora and surrounding areas are very pet-friendly and pet aware. That means your pet is a lot more likely to get scanned as soon as they are found.

Microchipping is one of the easiest ways to keep your pet family together. But it only works if you make the effort to get your pet microchipped. Set up an appointment with us today to schedule a microchip implantation for your pet!


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