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If your new puppy was hit by a car, could you afford major surgery and 3 days in the emergency room?

If your cat got cancer, could you afford to take her to an oncologist for radiation and chemotherapy?

If your dog lost feeling in his hind legs, could you afford the MRI to diagnose the cause of it?


Medical diagnostics, procedures and treatments for animals are very advanced these days, in some cases identical or very similar to those of humans. That means great advances in the care for our pets…and rising expenses to match.  Most people don’t have thousands of dollars saved up for unexpected illness or injury to their beloved furry (and feathery or scaly!) family members.  And unfortunately, in too many cases, finances can mean the difference between high quality, life-saving veterinary care and euthanasia…

Like all insurance, pet insurance is a form of RISK MANAGEMENT

Pet insurance is possibly best used for unexpected, catastrophic medical events that are hard to budget for.  Routine wellness care (yearly exams, vaccines, bloodwork, dentals, etc) may actually be cheaper out of pocket.

How does pet insurance work?

You can use any veterinarian you want.

You pay the vet bill, file a claim, get reimbursed.

Tips for finding good pet insurance:

Cheaper isn’t always better!

Get insurance BEFORE an injury or illness or it will be considered pre existing and won’t be covered.

Read the fine print.


A great tool?

(For a list of pet insurance companies in the USA, links to their sites, advice for choosing pet insurance, breed-specific information and other very helpful stuff!)