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Luna, along with many other dogs and cats, gets particularly fearful during thunderstorm and fireworks season.  Our staff put together their favorite tips/tricks to share if you have a new pet who might be frightened, or if you already know your pet dislikes this season.  But don’t hesitate to call if you have questions we weren’t able to answer!

  1. Update your pet’s microchip and tag information – it is common for pets to try to “escape” during loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms, and if your pet becomes lost the ID information becomes your best chance at finding them again.
  2. If you can stay home with your pet, instead of leaving them alone during these periods, it can help alleviate some of their anxiety.  Definitely, do not take your pet to a fireworks display or to a neighbor’s festivities unless you have already conditioned your pet to these experiences.
  3. While there are barometric changes as well as noise associated with thunderstorms, generally the most frightening aspect of fireworks is the loud noise.  If you can have a radio or television on, you may be able to help mask these sounds.
  4. If your pet has a “safe spot” (bathroom, kennel, etc) let your pet stay here when they are stressed.  Do not force your pet away from places where they feel more secure.
  5. Offer other distractions (treats, puzzle toys like Kongs, etc) to help your pet get through a scary time.
  6. There are supplements and medications that can help reduce anxiety – generally, once there is already an adrenaline surge in your pet, these are not as helpful.  Please talk with your veterinarian ahead of this season if you believe your pet will need medical support to help with their fear.