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Charitable Wish List – Big Dogs Huge Paws

We contacted Big Dogs Huge Paws (as you know, Dr. Winton has been working with this wonderful rescue for years) about their wish list – what do the dogs in their care need?  This is the list they were able to provide for us – if you can help, we are happy to be a drop-off location for them through the end of February.  As you can imagine, giant breed dogs have some pretty special needs, and these items will really make a difference for the pets and their foster families.  You can donate directly, also, via their website:  You can also find out about adoptable dogs on their site if you are looking for your next family member.  Thank you for any support you can offer!
General items:
  • crate (48″ or ideally 54″)
  • cleaning supplies (nature’s miracle, steam cleaner, etc)
  • leashes  (no flexi-leads/nylon or leather only)
  • collars
  • raised feeding dishes
  • dog beds
Anxiety Reducing Tools:



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