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The Southlands at Aurora

Southlands Mall in Aurora, or often called The Southlands at Aurora, is a massive mall and travel destination. The mall is at around 15 miles south of Denver International Airport, at the intersections of the E-470 tollway and Smoky Hill Road, west of the Tallyn’s Reach neighborhood. The sprawling mall offers a huge parking lot and a huge variety of services, shop, and attractions.

Here’s how far The Southlands is from Parkside Animal Health Center:

Customers can bank, shop, dine, see a movie, buy clothes or just hang out- all in one spot.

The Southlands at Aurora has something for people of all ages. Customers can find there about every shop that fits anyone’s needs, from the Savory Spice to Walmart. The shopping center is safe and well lit. Kids can play there in a town square and parents can gather at an outdoor fire pit with chairs to just relax. They also allow pets in the outdoor area. That means you could visit us with your dog and then make a trip to a mall a reward for good behavior!

The Southlands at Aurora mall provides retail floor space, is the biggest non-enclosed mall in the country. It features a unique design that incorporates a “Main Street” of small eateries and shops. Along with a variety of “side streets” that offer more specific services and goods.

The design at the Southlands at Aurora mall is based on an open-air shopping area ideally suited for the moderate climate in Colorado. Aurora actually has a long history of outdoor shopping. Well, Aurora has a long history of just about everything! The street is decorated with planter boxes and hanging plants. Angled parking spaces are provided on both sides of the Main Street. At the end of the Main Street, a central plaza is featuring a bubbling fountain active in the spring and summer seasons.

Since it has opened in 2005, the Southlands at Aurora became the main attraction of the city. There are many fancy shops that cater to customers from just about every age group. The shopping center also boasts just about every type of food you could want- from high dining to fast food.

The center of the Southlands at Aurora mall offers an arena for ice skating. The arena caters to all age groups and skill levels. A variety of entertainment is available in the summer as well, including movie nights and weekly concerts from local bands. When it gets a bit cold to walk for elderly people you will need to go early in order to find close-in parking. The center is usually very busy with plenty of customers.

Another interesting attraction offered by the Southlands at Aurora mall during the summer is a weekend farmers market in the main square. In the wintertime, you can enjoy outdoor ice skating. Other entertaining events are hosted at the shopping center all year long. People enjoy there the good restaurants, great shops, and the movie theater. The fire pits along the mall add atmosphere and warmth. Along the sidewalks, music coming from speakers adds a nice touch.

The main anchor stores of the Southlands at Aurora mall are JC Penney and Walmart. Other stores at the shopping center are Barnes & Noble, Sam’s Club, Best Buy, Michael’s, Petco, and others.