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aurora dog park

Aurora Dog Parks

Aurora is a great city for pets! While most cities have dog parks, few cities have dog parks as nice as Aurora! One of our favorites is the Grandview Dog Park located next to the Quincy Reservoir at 17500 E. Quincy Ave, Aurora 80015. The dog park is one of the largest in the city, with more than five acres to run, play, frolic and just generally be a dog! Parkside Animal Health Center is only eight minutes away from the dog park (depending on your route). Check it out:

Grandview Dog Park is open from sunrise to sunset, there is almost always time in any day to squeeze in some time at the dog park. We like to go straight from work to the dog park and wait for the every increasing Aurora traffic to dwindle down before hitting the road again. That is if you have the luxury of being able to bring your dog to work!

The park has everything you could need in a dog park! There’s water for dogs (unless it’s freezing outside) and potty bags and trash cans spaced throughout the park. But this park has some extra features thanks to the clever Aurora city planners. There’s a separate area for small dogs to run around without having to worry about getting bullied by bigger dogs.

There are even a well-designed entry and exit sections that allow for dogs to slowly enter and exit the park with the risk of getting loose off leash. Not all parks have this and I can tell you it is a real lifesaver!

There are additional medical restrictions to ensure the health of all canines. Dogs are required to vaccinated and have an appropriate collar with ID, and vaccination tag. While we don’t sell collars, we are a local Aurora veterinarian that can provide you with vaccines and other critical health components to make sure your dog is safe at the dog park.

Even better, the rules of the park are strongly enforced. There are rules posted throughout the park which advice visitors to call the Aurora Animal Control or the Aurora Police if aggressive dogs are present.

The rest of the rules go over basic reminders that we think are worth repeating:

  • Be careful or simply don’t bring food. Food can make dogs aggressive towards each other or towards other dogs.
  • Always pick up pet waste! It can spread diseases but overall just makes the park a less pleasurable experience. Keep Aurora beautiful and scoop the poop!
  • Always remember the dog parks carry inherent danger. Anytime you are putting together a large group of dogs biological risk exists!  Check with us or your veterinarian prior to bringing your dog to park!

We are very proud of our Aurora dog park! Colorado is known as a pet-friendly state and dog parks like Grandview are the reason why. The other great thing about the park is its central location. Only about 15 minutes from almost anywhere in Aurora the park is a quick drive from just about anywhere. We find that it is least busy in the early afternoons and really picks up in the evening. We hope to see you and your pooch there!

And if you’re looking for information on human parks, check out our article on the Aurora Sports Park!