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colorado to hawaii vet concerns

Are you moving to Hawaii?

Moving pets across state lines requires special paperwork, whether via plane, train or automobile, but if you are planning to move your pet to an

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colorado lily

Beware the lilies if you have kitties!

With Easter, Passover and the beautiful spring weather right around the corner, it is time to talk about a very serious danger to your cats:

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Top Tips for Pet Poisons

If you aren’t talking with your pets about Poisons, who is?  March brings a whole slew of poison possibilities, as we decorate our homes with

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Tug acting a bit shy before his dental surgery.

The story of a cute pup with a sore mouth…

In honor of Dental Month, we wanted to share a little about Tug and his visit to Parkside Animal Health Center in Aurora.  He came

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Eisenhauer parkside heartworm Bobby Sue surgery Jamie DDRT

Heartworm Removal Surgery: The Story of Bobby Sue

We had an eventful visit with Bobby Sue at Parkside Animal Health Center last week – she was heartworm positive but had a severe complication

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Whisper the clinic cat playing with strong in her room inside the clinic.

Does My Cat Really Need A Vet?

Anyone who owns (and loves) a cat knows that they can have unexpected, frustrating and often confusing actions. Is your cat urinating on your clean laundry pile? Is he going in his litter box like a good boy or is he urinating everywhere else? Is he doing that on purpose? What about your furniture…is there anything you can do to stop him from scratching up your nice leather sofa? Why does he hide under the bed all day? Why does he keep attacking the other cats? Read more by clicking on Whisper’s pic above!

2015 Fall Open House!

Fall Open House! Join us Saturday, October 24, from 1-4pm We’ll have goodies for the whole family, prizes and will open our doors as we

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Fall Open House!

Please join us Saturday, November 1, from 1-4pm for a fun afternoon! We’ll have goodies for the whole family, prizes, and will open our doors

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First Annual Rescue Rally of the Rockies

The First Annual Rescue Rally of the Rockies is coming! The event is hosted by our friends at Denver Dachshund Rescue and Transport at the

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Pet Insurance: Is it right for your pet?

If your new puppy was hit by a car, could you afford major surgery and 3 days in the emergency room? If your cat got

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