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Aurora Offers Veterinary Care For Pets Of Homeless Residents

Aurora is home to some of the most pet-loving people in the world! Not just in Colorado but across the globe! We see it every day in the pet-friendly facilities that are all over the city. But lots of cities have pet-friendly cafes and hotels. What sets Aurora apart is the commitment to all pets. Case in point, the Aurora Day Resource Center is providing basic (and free!) pet care to homeless residents!

Aurora resident with dog

How does it work? Veterinarians from the Aurora Animal Shelter and the Denver Dumb Friends League are working together to provide pets of homeless residents several critical services that are usually out of reach for the homeless. Beyond just basic vaccinations, the Aurora team is offering spay and neuter surgery as well.

This is critical!

Not only does this improve the behavior of these dogs it also prevents the pets from procreating. Homeless dogs are outdoors all the time and often encounter other animals that aren’t spayed or neutered. The result is obvious but the point is populations of pets with homeless caretakers can grow out of control very quickly.

Sadly, these unwanted dogs are born to people who don’t have the means to take care of a litter of puppies.

The Aurora/Denver shelter team is also offering grooming, nail trims, leashes and collars for these dogs.

While the nature of pets in the hands of homeless people can be controversial the fact is there are too many dogs and not enough people to take them. By handling the basic medical needs like vaccines and spay/neuter surgeries these dogs are able to stay healthy and stay in their “home”. Most importantly this means these dogs stay out of area shelters.  

The Aurora Day Resource Center is managing the large campaign by using a voucher system for homeless Aurora residents. The vouchers indicate which of veterinary services the pets need. From there, the residents find the location of the Lulu or Meow Mobile and present their voucher. The mobile unit veterinary team takes care of it from there.

The mobile vet clinics change locations throughout the weeks and months but they will be arriving at the Aurora Day Resource Center once a month at scheduled times. By making the location of the mobile vet clinic the same place the residents receive the vouchers the whole process is much easier.

The service is free as a result of donations made by residents of Aurora and Denver. While Parkside Animal Health Center would love to offer large-scale services like this to Aurora residents, without outside funding we can’t.That’s makes efforts like this so great. They service a population that Aurora veterinary clinics simply can’t serve.

As a side note, the mobile veterinary clinics (Meow Mobile and Lulu Mobile) offer spay and neuter surgeries throughout the month to any resident of Aurora or Denver- not just the homeless. Check out the calendar here:

This is a great combined effort between the Aurora Day Resource Center and animal welfare organizations. This is a holistic approach to providing resources and makes us proud to be residents of Aurora.

The Aurora Day Center is located at  

Spay and neuter services occur at the above location on the fourth Thursday of every month and basic pet care is offered on the third Wednesday of every month from 8:00-3:00. Basic pet care includes veterinary basics like vaccines and grooming.

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