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The Trails Recreation Center

Rec center pottery class

The Trails Recreation Center offers a wholesome experience for families and people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. With well-developed facilities and just about every “extra” you could ask for in a recreation center, it is the perfect place to relax, exercise or just hang out.

Located just south of Parkside Animal Health Center in Centennial’s 80016 (right on the edge of the Aurora and Centennial border) The Trails RC is easy to get to and boasts beautiful scenery on all sides of the Center. There is also plenty of parking. Which is really important!

The Gym

No recreation center would be complete without having a full gym to exercise the way you want to! There is something for everyone and anyone regardless if they prefer to work out on their own, in pairs, small groups or class. Trails RC offer anything from taekwondo to basketball, as well as fitness programs, both individual and in a group.

For the swimmers, there are several pools that are open year round. Besides the large, Olympic size pool, perfect for avid swimmers and all kinds of water sports, there are also smaller pools meant for kids and the elderly, which are more meant for relaxation and, in the case of the kids, having fun. For the youngest of guests, there is a slide, although they will need to be 48 inches tall to ride it.

Finally, for those who are just starting with working on their fitness, there is the friendly expert staff and trainers that will assist everyone in whatever questions they have about the center.


Besides working on your body, an important part of any recreation center is to offer more than just exercise. The Trails RC offers a plethora of options when it comes to training your artistic expression. Classes are made for children, youth and adults, and range in everything from pottery to photography.

The Center also offers school break camps that will teach the youngest of us all kinds of useful things including science, geography, topography, and technology. With the highly trained educators and the junior camp counselors running the show, don’t be surprised if your child becomes your landscaping contractor when they return home!

Last but not least, Trails offers an excellent cooking class where you will be able to replenish everything that you have lost that day at the gym or swimming pool.

For Centennial or Aurora!

Trails Recreation Center also offers a variety of discounts to local residents, whichever city you’re from! Programs are devised for the whole year and for all ages, so taking the annual pass if you are local can be the perfect choice for year-round classes, games, and exercise.

The Trails is just a hop, skip and job away from Parkside Animal Health Center:

After you’re doing working out, try getting some mental stimulation and check out the historic Coal Creek School!

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