The Quincy Reservoir is a place of natural beauty and wildlife. With 160 acres of water full of abundant wildlife such as largemouth bass, perch, and trout these waters have attracted wildlife enthusiasts and fishermen for the last 50 years. The Reservoir is a challenging and unique fishing experience for anglers and is the perfect compliment to the variety of parks across the city. 

The Quincy Reservoir’s 3.5-mile soft surface trail is diverse with natural habitats and wildlife, suitable for spotters and anglers. The area has plenty of picnic tables, boat rentals and other facilities for general recreation year round.The Quincy Reservoir provides much of the surrounding areas natural water supply and water table levels change naturally through the season. Because of the reliance on the reservoir for drinking water, dogs are prohibited near or on the reservoir or surrounding areas. If you’re looking for a great dog park, check out the Grandview dog park in north-west Aurora.

The reservoir is only about 10 minutes away from our practice!

Fishing and other information about the Quincy Reservoir

The reservoir offers high-quality habitat and reservoir growing areas making some of the best fishing spots in the state. The reservoir has records for the quality of fish, particularly with breeds of tiger muskie, catfish, smallmouth bass and white sucker.

Fishing Licences

A license is required for anyone 16 and over who would like to fish within the grounds of the reservoir. Licenses are not sold on site and instead, you will need to go through one of the following facilities to purchase a license.

❏ Big Five

❏ K-Mart

❏ Wai-Mart

❏ Valley Country

❏ Bait and Tackle

The annual licensing and permissions, go on sale from March and further information can be found on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.


The only bait allow on the reservoir is artificial flies and lures, usually used for freshwater fishing.

Other baits, like worms, minnows, salmon eggs and powdered bait is strictly prohibited by the parks grounds and keepers. Use will mean you will lose your license.

Fishing Limits

To keep the experience and fishing standards enjoyable for everyone limits are set on the levels of fish people are allowed to take away:

2 – Trout of any size

5 – Largemouth / Smallmouth Bass, 18 inches or longer (aggregate)

1 – Tiger Muskie (40 inches +)

20 – Yellow Perch

The bag limit is the total amount allowed to taken away in a single day, whilst possession limit are the amount of allowed for water, transporting home or other destinations.

You can give away what you catch, but whilst on reservoir property, that person must be licensed. This person has the same limits as applied to yourself.

These rules help to maintain a healthy and functioning fishing environment for all and so it is in your interest to protect the fishery by keeping to the rules, because if fish levels become to stagnant or low then the ability to fish may be limited or even stopped altogether.

For information review the Aurora Reservoir website for all the rules and open times and fishing season information.