willow bend park in aurora colorado

Aurora is home to 97 developed parks and over 5,000 acres of open land where you can bike, grill, or just hang out with family and friends. Parks are usually open from 5 AM to 11 PM daily throughout the year. There are many, many parks just in the 30 miles around our pet hospital!

Visitors are required by city code Sec. 146-1802 to limit their voice and music to reasonable levels. During daytime, visitors must keep their sound levels below 55 decibels – normal conversation levels with others nearby. At nighttime, the levels must drop to below 45 decibels. This is to ensure that other visitors and residences surrounding the parks are not disturbed.

Of the 97 parks spread throughout the city, 20 of them have shelters with grills that be reserved. The other shelters are free and on a first come, first serve basis during the parks’ open hours. Users can burn fires in designated and personal grills. The grills you bring from home may be used on dirt, concrete or asphalted spots. Grilling on grassy areas is not permitted under any circumstance.

Several parks also give visitors access to bike and walk trails. However, there are a set of rules that the patrons should adhere to at all times, including yielding to slower users, yielding to pedestrians, and passing in the left lane. Trail distances vary for each park, so more bikers and joggers preparing for marathons should try and utilize longer trails.

Several Aurora parks are home to various species of animals. Feeding the animals is prohibited as it can injure the animal and spread diseases to pets and humans. Furthermore, it can cause the animal to become more accepting of humans, leading to wild animal packs roaming in residential areas in search of food handouts.

Pets must generally be kept on a leash except at dog parks. Remember to keep your dogs close and properly dispose of your pet’s waste. In addition, your pets are forbidden to enter baseball/softball fields or other sports venues.

If you wish, you may purchase keys to the available tennis courts for $3 at Expo Park, Meadowood Park, Utah Park, Aurora Center of Active Adults and the Recreation Registration main office located at the 1st floor of the Aurora Municipal Center, 15151 East Alameda Parkway.

Aurora Reservoir, located at 5800 South Powhaton Road, is the largest park in the city of Aurora at 1,865.1 acres. There is a wide selection of activities you can do at the park, including archery, paddle boarding, fishing, scuba diving, and swimming. During winter season, the reservoir is closed to boating activities since the lake freezes over, but during spring boating is resumed. This park also has an 8.5-mile trail surrounding the reservoir, making it an excellent option for bikers, joggers or casual walkers.

Willow Bend Park is one of Aurora’s smallest developed parks. Found at 20646 East Eastman Avenue, this park has a playground suited for child play and designated picnic shelters with free access to grills (first come, first serve basis). You can also access the Conservatory West Trail, a bike and walk path

Cherry Creek Spillway at 2799 South Chambers Road is the most popular park in Aurora. At 364.5-acres wide, it gives access to Cherry Creek State Park – a park with more than 40 species of mammals such as coyotes, beavers, and many deer species. Some visitors prefer coming during the spring or summer seasons to camp and autumn season to enjoy the cool, crisp air and beautiful foliage.

When you’ve had enough of the great outdoors, enjoy one of Aurora’s great cultural centers from some indoor fun! We can’t recommend the Fox Theater enough for a night on the town!