vintage aurora stamp


Here are a few dates we found interesting from our city’s history.

1891 – The Town of Fletcher is founded. One day this small town will become the third largest city in Auora.

It came to its name due to a real estate deal called Town of Fletcher when Donald Fletcher and his partners purchased the lands east of Denver.

Because of the Silver Crash of 1893, Donald Fletcher abandoned the project and left the already struggling community with no water and a massive water debt.

1907 – From the Town of Fletcher to Aurora.

On February 25th, 1907 by citizens vote the name was officially changed to “Aurora”. Also, in 1907 the first Presbyterian Church is built in the town.

1918 – Army General Hospital 

The first Hospital buildings opened on October 13th and immediately begin to receive veterans from WWI. The Building was later expanded for returning veterans of WWII.

The hospital was the largest structure in all of  Colorado at the time.It was later renamed to Fitzsimons Army Hospital, in honor of William T. Fitzsimmons who was the first medical officer killed in WWI.

The hospital also tended to the victims of the bombing of Pearl Harbor during WWII.

1926 – Colfax Avenue turns into Route 40

As part of the Nation Federal Highway System, Colfax Avenue becomes Highway 40, thus beginning an era of tourism in the area. Colfax Avenue is known to be the largest commercial street in the United States.

1929 – Denver’s First Airport.

In October, 17th 1929 Denver Municipal Airport was inaugurated. After several modifications, the Airport came to be Stapleton Airfield in honor of Benjamin F. Stapleton a Major of Denver, and after that came to be called Stapleton International Airport, which was finally decommissioned in 1995.

1930 – City Status!

Even though Aurora is currently the third largest city in Colorado and the 54th more populous city in the United States, It was in 1930 that with a population of 2295 gained City Status.

1938 – Air Force Presence begins which has continued to define the area ever since.  

In 1938 Lowry Air Force Base officially opened and begin to receive the first troops on February 12th. Also in 1938 Buckley, Air Force Base was constructed as an auxiliary landing field for Lowry. Built in honor of First Lt. John H. Buckley, who was killed during WWI.

By 1994 the Airforce Base was redeveloped as an Urban Community by the cities of Aurora and Denver, housing over 25.000 people.

1955 – Denver Regional Council of Governments. 

Known as DRCOG (Doctor COG) Is a nonprofit organization for local governments in the Denver region. The organization’s purpose was to discuss the Metro Aerea most important problems.

1965 – Arapahoe Community College opens its doors. 

It was the first community college to be opened in the Denver Region.

1974 – Quincy Reservoir is Constructed

One of the largest bodies of water in the area and also a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon. The reservoir also helps provide water to a growing population!

1981 – Aurora Fox Theater is built!

Built-in 1946 it was the city’s only theater, serving a growing population as well as the military personnel station at Fitzsimmons army hospital and Lowry Air Base.

It burned down in 1981, with the help of Civic Groups, the City of Aurora and private investors restored the theater in 1985 and renamed it Aurora Fox Arts Center.

2011- Parkside Animal Health Center Opens It’s Doors!

We couldn’t help but add our veterinary clinic to the list of important dates!

2017 – City’s First Consulate

In may 2017 the Republic of El Salvador opened a Consulate in the City of Aurora.