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Cherry Creek State Park

There is something deeply satisfying about going into nature, to see mountains, lakes, creeks, and trees. It always has a way of separating us from the daily grind and stress of a modern life. Even better is if that wilderness is encompassed by a peaceful residential area of a big city, as this means even less stress about something happening to those who have been living the city life for a little too long!

That’s why we love the Cherry Creek State Park! The park has been established in 1959 and for the last several decades, it has attracted millions of people from all corners of the world. From families on a picnic, business people relaxing and joggers passing through, all the way to the Pope himself have visited this park.

The park is a short drive or bike ride from just about anywhere in Aurora and almost touching our animal hospital!

You could also take the lightrail to a nearby station and walk. We recently wrote about the history of the lightrail and what was once Aurora’s trolley system!
The Best Times To Visit The Park

Cherry Creek Park is really an all-weather wholesome family fun. No matter the season, you can come and have a full day of fun, relaxation or exercise, or all three! People from all over Aurora come to this park for recreation daily, in all kinds of weather conditions! In the summer the options are almost endless as there are multiple activities in and around the reservoir. The spring brings cooler temperature and all the flowers and trees of the park begin to bloom. The fall is the most beautiful as golden colors cover the entire park. The winter brings sledding and ice skating!

The reservoir occupies almost a third of the Cherry Creek State Park and was created a decade prior to the park being established with the construction of the Cherry Creek Dam. The reservoir complements the natural surroundings by making an artificial lake, well suited for both water activities and just dipping your toes.

Whenever you come, you will also be able to enjoy the marvelous backdrop of the Rockies, filling the landscape.

What Else Can You Do? 

From archery to ice skating, from birding to boating, there is no lack of activities in the park. Many residents of Aurora, and those throughout the metro area, come here to camp and fish. Some of the activities are provided by the staff of the park, and some are just provided by nature itself.

One of the best experiences in Cherry Creek Park is canoeing or kayaking through Cherry Creek itself, finishing the trip in the reservoir. Jet skiing and waterskiing are also available, for those who need a little more speed.

Activities in this park incorporate the best between those in the great outdoors, and those provided in urban areas.

What To See?

While there are many beautiful sites in the Park, and the landscape is breathtaking on its own, the best thing to see is the wildlife. Cherry Creek Park, despite its many guests, is teeming wildlife! While it is very frustrating for a jogger to realize that a 15-inch Eastern cottontail rabbit is faster than him, it is truly marvelous to see!

This park truly makes something as easy as a walk in the park, as interesting as a trail through the woods.

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