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You have probably heard of government- or private owned bike sharing operations in countries around the world. They generally work by paying a fixed amount for hourly use of bicycles which can be picked up and parked at bike docks located at several designated spots around town. The city of Aurora has adopted a similar bike sharing program but put its own unique twist on things.

Bike sharing is blowing up in Aurora after the launching of the Bike Share Permit Program last October. Originally, 250 rental bikes were brought into town and thousands more are expected to come as the program matures. This was done in hopes of increasing mobility options for the city’s residents.

The green, orange and yellow bikes spotted around town are owned by Limebike, Spin and Ofo respectively. These companies were chosen for their brand of bikes in this unique bike share program. What sets their system apart from others is its dock-free parking which allows users to pick up vacant bikes and park them anywhere in the city, as long as they are accessible to others and legally parked. Aurora was the first city to host this dock-free sharing system in the world.

Sharing publicly accessible bikes is a recent innovation in transportation, perfect for users wishing to travel short distances. They can pick up an available bicycle in one area and leave it parked in another within the system’s service area. One of the program’s objectives is to reduce travel time by offering an alternative to conventional public transport options. It can be especially useful in high-demand areas.

Anyone can take advantage of Aurora’s bike sharing program, by downloading the smartphone app and registering their preferred payment method. Those behind the program are also working on a system which allows people without access to the app or online payment methods to benefit from this innovative method of transport. We’re still waiting to see exactly how this looks.

This program has a set rate by the hour or half-hour, depending on the brand of bike you wish to use. Limebike and Spin bicycles cost the user $1 for 30-minute trips while Ofo bikes are only $1 for one hour of use. The operators may also offer discounts for monthly and yearly bike-trip packages. In addition, certain users will be given special prices: students with a .edu e-mail account receive a 50% discount for every trip, and new users get their first ride free of charge.

The operators are required to compile periodic reports on their fleet of bikes, membership and record bicycle maintenance activities. They will also perform regular checks on the bikes’ GPS system to ensure perfect functionality. Safety, efficiency and compliance reports will be assessed by the city every moment the program is in operation.

The first month after launching this unique bike-sharing program found residents and visitors of Aurora made roughly 2,000 total trips on these rented bikes. The program operators are optimistic about the future of this bike share program and plan on expanding to other neighboring cities and beyond.

Take advantage of this innovative and green method of public transport today. For more information on the Bike Sharing Permit Program, you can visit

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