Aurora Cultural Arts District, or ACAD, is a council-led initiative to promote and develop arts and culture by offering shows, workshops, and opportunities for creative expression throughout the Aurora area. Like any strong organization, they are guided by several core values. (As a quick side note, Parkside Animal Health Center is also guided by a set of core values.)


Stakeholders are stewards of the neighborhoods and promote authentic and honest content to celebrate and generate enthusiasm for the arts and culture of Aurora.


Good leadership and clear communication along with a willingness to ask tough questions are at the core of transparency. Transparency promotes honesty and naturally free expression of the human heart, a celebration of life.


A commitment to a community of culture and self-expression through freedom and diversification. These events promote teamwork and feeling of community spirit.


Diversity in its many forms of diversity, all these groups are topics of developments for individualism and expression:

❏ Ethnicity

❏ Socioeconomic status

❏  Gender

❏ Expression

❏ Sexual orientation

❏ Disability and origin

All these groups and ideas are welcome and add to the arts diversity and expression of the cultural arts.

The ACAD is regulated and guided by the board and partnerships through promotion, and community work and spirit. Dedicated people with a proven record of success.


ACAD’s mission is to promote the arts and culture of Aurora by providing a more creative downtown space that makes full use of the creative talents of local residents. ACAD achieves this through grants and other support that highlights artists who may not otherwise see the spotlight. ACAD works with a variety of local businesses to provide spaces to showcase local artists. Whether that’s through traditional mediums or through digital forms work by artists of all types of presented.

The Acadia Project

ACAD is proud to be a part of the ACADIA Project along with CEDS and The Denver Foundation. The program identifies immigrant and refugee artists in Aurora and assists them in building up a portfolio of creative work. The focus is on both the creative and business aspects of being an artist. Not limited to traditional means, the ACADIA artists come from a variety of disciplines from the culinary to the more traditional these artists bring a unique background and worldview to the Aurora art scene. The projects assist by providing mentorship and greater access to financial assistance.

Cultural Partnerships

Organizations like ACAD also partner with other cultural institutions in the city such as the Fox Theater. ACAD, and organization like them, function as a cultural connector. Through their work with the Fox Theater and projects like Acadia, they connect the dots that move the entire city forward. Organizations like ACAD have always been influential when you look at the history of Aurora.