Aurora stamp

We think Aurora is different. Aurora is paving the way for communities the world over. The city is a great example of thoughtful and careful city planning.

Not only are we proud of our great clinic but we are also very proud of the city we call home!

A Great Community

More and more people are learning about our great city. They are increasingly intrigued by the Aurora difference. Because that is what we are: we are a community designed to be different. From its inception, city planners were committed to the idea that people come first. And this ethos motivates who we are in Aurora; it shapes how we live, work, and play here—and this commitment is paying dividends, not only in the form of our thriving economy and low crime rates but also and perhaps most important in the high quality of life that only a community founded upon these people-first ideals can know.

A City Oasis

In keeping with the people focused approach, Aurora city planners designed the community to feature abundant green spaces, avoiding the concrete jungles which plague cities of similar size. This means that every Aurora neighborhood is fronted with scenic parks, walking and biking trails, and all the soul-and-health-restoring properties of daily access to nature. Whether you live in the heart of the city or its outskirts, you will have clean air and ample access to the wonders of the natural Colorado landscape. Perhaps Aurora’s greatest claim to fame is its more than 6,000 acres of green, open space.

A Diverse Community

Aurora embraces diversity, with nearly 45% of its population of Hispanic or African-American descent. And while the average age of the Aurora citizen is only 33, the city boasts a robust senior community, supported by easy access to some of the nation’s top medical facilities, as well as ample support services to ensure an exceptional quality of life for our senior residents. Plus, Aurora boasts more than 100 top-ranked public and private schools, making it an ideal community for families with children.

Multiple organization also promote cultural and artistic diversity. Organizations like the Aurora Cultural Arts District ensure that the city is rich is not only great people but also great creative works.

Quality of Life

The people-first values of the community’s  planners are shared by its past and present leaders, as well as the citizens who call Aurora home. And this is what makes Aurora such a remarkable place to live. With its thriving economy, more than 60% of Aurora’s citizens own their own homes, the average price of which is nearly $250,000. In addition, Aurora’s rate of violent and non-violent crime alike is 5% below the state average. Unemployment rates in Aurora are also quite low, with the city’s median household income averaging more than $60,000 annually.

What to Do in Aurora

Aurora is also a mere fifteen minutes from downtown Denver by rail service, with trains into the city running every twenty minutes on most days. This means that every Aurora citizen is within mere minutes of one of the world’s premier cities, all while getting to enjoy the benefits of living in a smaller town. But you don’t have to travel to Denver to have a good time. There is plenty to do in the city of Aurora itself, from its beautiful parks and first-class nature trails to its theaters, museums, and shopping centers.

We love Horseshoe Park if you’re looking for a great place to relax and unwind: