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Your Animal Hospital…

Parkside Animal Health Center is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Aurora, Colorado. Our professional and courteous staff seek to provide the best possible medical, surgical and dental care your pets.
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We are an AAHA Accredited Hospital

Veterinary Medicine is our life's work because we love the animals in our care.
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Truly the best vet I have ever gone to! The facility is clean and well maintained, which is sadly hard to come by these day. Upon arriving I was greeted by a friendly Vet Tech who was very excited to see my pup. She took me into a very spacious room and before beginning paperwork, she sat down and played with my pup for a few minutes. The doctor promptly came into my room and again sat down on the floor with my pup and got to know her first, before examining her. She was taken back for some tests and we received the results quickly, and the doctor had a very fair and honest recommendation for my pup. Absolutely great experience and a very fair price. If you are looking for a new pet, this is the way to go!
Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams
18:17 22 Nov 17
I had to find a vet to see my hedghog which wasn't easy to find. I was so thrilled with Parkside Animal Health Center. They took such good care of her and even followed up with a call the next day to see how she is doing. They (the staff not just the vet who saw her) gave me a lot of options and the vet that saw her took the time to talk to me to figure out what was going on with her. Even though my hedghog is a senior and not going to live much longer I am so confident in the care and time she was given at this facility. I now have a vet I can rely and trust with my 2 dogs whom I now am so grateful for.
Brittany Bedan
Brittany Bedan
03:00 30 Jan 18
It has been so nice to have a vet that we trust! We have always been so happy with Dr. Winton and the supportive staff of this office! Our husky is on the shy side and they always treat him so well. I love that even when we go for routine visits, I always get a follow-up call to check and see how my pup is doing! Even though we have moved, this office is worth it for us to drive a bit longer to get to!
Rhea Wright
Rhea Wright
19:01 09 Oct 17
The veterinarians and staff here are top notch!! Very clean and fair pricing too! I highly recommend them.
Judy S
Judy S
02:57 03 Jan 18
I love this place!! They have always been SO good to our dogs and honest. The vet knows my dogs by name. We’ve been coming here since we got our dogs 7 years ago and we would never leave.
Cheryl Dolan
Cheryl Dolan
05:42 11 Nov 17

Parkside Animal Health Center

Your Aurora Animal Hospital!

Welcome to Parkside Animal Health Center!

We are an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited veterinary clinic located in the 80015 zip code of Aurora, Colorado. Our animal hospital provides basic wellness services, including dog vaccines, cat vaccines, routine lab work and examinations for healthy pets- because pets need regular check-ups too!

But our veterinary clinic really shines when it comes to caring for your sick dog, cat or other small animals. Our experienced team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians will start with the most essential diagnostics, and with Parkside Animal Health Center, you get the results on the spot. We can test blood, urine and fecal samples all within our hospital for immediate results. X-rays are performed by hospital staff and reviewed by a veterinarian at the time of your appointment. For any testing that we can’t handle within our practice, we are still able to send out samples and get results within 24-48 hours.

Our lobby allows for some separation of patients to minimize stress.Additionally, our team of veterinarians draw on many years of experience to provide most surgical and dental services within our hospital, saving you the cost of going to a more expensive referral veterinarian.

Our Veterinary Clinic’s Core Values

We want to get your pet feeling better and keep them feeling their best for as long as possible. We treat your pets like members of the family- because they are! But it’s more than that. Our animal hospital sticks to a set of well-established core values in order to provide the best care for every pet and person we see.

  • First, we focus on education and science as a fundamental component of practicing veterinary medicine and running an effective animal hospital. We are scientists and we are animal lovers. We reinvest in ourselves so that our hospital staff and veterinarians are on the cutting edge of research in terms of technology, new breakthroughs, and skills. We also reinvest in our animal clinic which is clean, modern and efficient. Additionally, we reinvest in the best equipment (like our new therapeutic laser!) so that we can offer our pets and patrons the best possible service.
  • Second, we are committed to friendship, compassion, empathy, and warmth. We love animals but we also love the people that look after them. We know what it’s like to have a sick pet and we know how hard it can be. But we also know how great it feels to see them get better. Everything we do in our hospital is influenced by our core values of empathy and compassion.
  • Third, we value communication, respect, integrity, and honesty. We want to be an informative and honest partner in your pursuit of animal health. We know there is a lot of information and opinion out there and it can get confusing. We pride ourselves on being the veterinarians you can go to for an honest and upfront answer to every question.

We would love the opportunity to work with you. Let us show you what a veterinary hospital with a commitment to core values looks like! Contact us today!

Our Top Rated Veterinarians

The Parkside Animal Health Center team is ready to guide you down the path to better pet health and a longer life for your furry friend. Dr. Winton and Dr. Barrow, both veterinarians with our practice for several years and Aurora residents themselves, can help you develop a lasting health plan for your dog, cat or small animal. Whether you need our expertise on behavior issues, dental health, nutrition programs, senior needs or just have a few questions about that “funny smell” or strange new habit your pet may have developed, our team of veterinary professionals can get you and your pet on the right track for health. Our hospital staff loves the long-term relationships that grow out of years of consultation with our patients and their families.

Our Pet Hospital’s Approach to Dentistry and Anesthesia

Dentistry is one of the most rewarding, and overlooked, procedures that our animal hospital can provide due to the enormous and often immediate benefits it has in addressing pain in the mouths of dogs and cats. The teeth of animals are very similar to your own and the care required to keep them healthy isn’t so different either. Even though Aurora, and Colorado as a whole, is very animal-friendly we still find that many pet owners in the area are very unaware of how important dentistry is for the overall health of their pet. That’s why we spend just as much time educating as doing! We want Aurora to be the best place on earth for pets! And that means making sure every pet owner understands how important dental care is for their four-legged friends!

Our veterinary clinic performs complete anesthetized dental cleanings and examinations including full mouth dental x-rays for every dog and cat. Every patient receives a pre-surgical lab work evaluation prior to anesthesia so that our veterinarians can develop an individualized anesthetic and surgical plan. Throughout the dental, or any anesthetic procedure, your pet is carefully monitored by our veterinary technicians and any changes in temperature, heart rate, respiration, oxygen saturation or blood pressure are immediately addressed. We believe there is no higher priority than the safety of our patients.

Proud Of Our Clinic, Proud Of Our City

Our goal is to be your Aurora animal hospital! We take pride in our accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association which puts us in a small prestigious group of only 15% of small animal veterinary clinics in the US. That puts us in an even smaller percentage when you consider the number of veterinarians accredited in the 80015 zip code or in the entire city of Aurora. When you combine all that with the fact that we are able to provide more in terms of testing and surgical procedures than your average small animal veterinary clinic, you can see why we think we can be your primary pet hospital from puppyhood or kittenhood to senior life for most pets.

With Parkside Animal Health Center in the community, there is no need to visit a separate dog or cat veterinarian- we work hard to accommodate all types of small animals without any undue stress on any particular species. Our waiting area provides several spaces where pets can be separate from each other, and our goal is to minimize wait times for the convenience of our pets and their families. Additionally, we utilize environmental pheromone support, spacious exam rooms and well-placed windows throughout our veterinary facility to make it as stress-free as possible.

Local Business That Gives Back To Our Community

Parkside Animal Health Center have made a commitment to not only our patients with families but also the homeless pets in our community. We work closely with several rescue groups to get their foster dogs ready for their new homes, which sometimes includes extensive care from our animal hospital.  Some members of our team assist with spay and neuter campaigns in underserved areas of Colorado as well as abroad, helping to reduce pet overpopulation in the most desperate of regions. We believe our responsibility to animal health extends beyond our Aurora veterinary clinic, and strive to carry this out in meaningful actions.

We would be thrilled to meet you and your pet – call us or email us to set up an appointment today! We take great pride in the belief that we offer the best service of any animal hospital in Aurora. We have made veterinary medicine our life’s work because we love the animals in our care, and would love the opportunity to work with you and your animals.

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