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Parkside Animal Health Center is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Aurora, Colorado. Our professional and courteous staff seek to provide the best possible medical, surgical and dental care your pets.
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  • Parkside Animal Health Center added 2 new photos — feeling amazed.

    Remember that James Harriot book All Creatures Great and Small?? Dr. Barrow is definitely having one of those days!!! Hard to believe Autumn and Boo Boo are the same species!!

    Remember that James Harriot book All Creatures Great and Small?? Dr. Barrow is definitely having one of those days!!! Hard to believe Autumn and Boo Boo are the same species!!

    December 02


We are an AAHA Accredited Hospital

Veterinary Medicine is our life's work because we love the animals in our care.
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Parkside Animal Health Center

Our Aurora Animal Hospital

Welcome to Parkside Animal Health Center! We are an AAHA accredited veterinary hospital located in Aurora, Colorado. Our animal clinic provides basic wellness services, including dog vaccines, cat vaccines, routine lab work and examinations for healthy pets- because pets need regular doctor visits too!

But we really shine when it comes to caring for your sick dog or cat. Our experienced team of veterinarians and clinic staff will begin with the most essential diagnostics and with Parkside Animal Health Center, you get the results on the spot. We can test blood, urine and fecal samples all in-house for immediate results if necessary. Our experienced animal hospital staff can perform x-rays at the time of appointment and when it comes to more specific or specialty testing, our full service laboratory can produce results within 24-48 hours for most tests.

Our lobby allows for some separation of patients to minimize stress. Our team of Aurora veterinary professionals draw on many years of experience to provide most surgical and dental services in house, saving you the cost of going to a more expensive referral veterinarian. Dr. Brenda Eisenhauer and her team have years of experience with dentistry, spay, neuter, dental cleanings and extractions but are also comfortable with more advanced surgical procedures.

We want to get your pet feeling better and keep them feeling their best for as long as possible. We treat your pets like members of the family- because they are! But it’s more than that. At Parkside Animal Health Center we have identified a set of core values that we stick to in order to provide the best care for every pet and person we see.

  • First, we focus on education and science as a fundamental component of practicing medicine. Our dedication to education means we stay up to date and on new research and technologies in the veterinary field. We are scientists and we are animal lovers. Not only that, we reinvest in ourselves so not only are our people on the cutting edge of veterinary research in terms of technology, knowledge and skills but our hospital is also modern, clean and efficient.
  • Second, we are committed to friendship, compassion, empathy and warmth. We love pets but we also love the people that look after them. Again, we are not only are scientists and medical professionals, but we are also pet owners ourselves. We know what it’s like to have a sick pet and we know how hard it can be. But we also know how great it feels to watch them get better. Everything we do is influenced by our core value of empathy and compassion.
  • Third, we value communication, respect, integrity and honesty. We want to be an informative and honest partner in your pursuit of pet health. To do this, we strive to make sure we say exactly what we mean and we do exactly what we say we will do. We know there is a lot of information and opinion out there and it can get confusing. We pride ourselves on giving you an honest and upfront answer to every question.

We would love the opportunity to work with you. Give us a call today at (303) 699-3344 and schedule an appointment at our Aurora clinic. Let us show what an animal hospital with core values looks like!

Our Top Notch Vet Team

Our team of Aurora veterinarians are ready to guide you down the path to better pet health and a longer life for your furry friend. Dr. Winton or Dr. Barrow, both veterinarians with our animal hospital for several years and Aurora residents themselves, can help you develop a lasting health plan for your pet. Whether you need our expertise on behavior issues, dental health, nutrition programs, senior needs or just have a few questions about that “funny smell” or strange new habit your pet may have developed, our vets can get you and your pet on the right track for health. All of our animal clinic staff, not just our veterinarians, love the long-term relationships that grow out of years of consultation with our patients and their families.

Dr. Barrow earned both her Bachelor’s and DVM degrees from Colorado State University. She is our resident small mammal expert and is ready to provide basic care for your rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, ferrets, sugar gliders and some birds and reptiles. Dr. Barrow enjoys writing education handouts for our clients and Aurora community and is also the voice behind many of our blog articles.

Dr. Winton earned her DVM at Tufts University. Prior to working in veterinary medicine, Dr. Winton was a registered nurse for 14 years. Dr. Winton bring her extensive knowledge from the field of medicine, both human and animal to our pet hospital. While she spent many years on the east coast, Dr. Winton has decided that Colorado, and the great city of Aurora, is the only place to be.

Dr. Brenda Eisenhauer is the medical director and primary surgeon at Parkside Animal Health Center. Also a Tufts University graduate, Dr. Eisenhauer also holds a Certificate in International Medicine and a Certificate in Public Health from Colorado University. She combines these credentials with over 10 years of surgical expertise to provide top tier veterinary medicine to the Aurora community.

Learn more about our DVM team and the rest of our clinic staff by checking out their full bios.

Catching Disease Early Is The Best Way to Provide Affordable Vet Care

At Parkside, we embrace the challenge of working with our trickiest patients. Anyone who has had a cat in their life  knows that they make their own rules. As a result, cats rarely show symptoms of illness. We know that many cats in our Colorado community rarely see a veterinarian because not only do they not exhibit obvious signs of pain, sickness or disease but also because they are often difficult to transport to and from the vet clinic. With all this in mind, we work with owners to make the transportation process for our feline friends as stress-free as possible, so that our veterinarians can identify medical concerns before they become a major issue. Catching early signs of illness allows our feline patients to live longer, happier lives.

But the same is true for our canine and small mammal patients as well- many conditions such as urinary tract infections, heart murmurs, joint disease, and early kidney or liver disease go unnoticed and untreated until they have reached an advanced point of dysfunction.  We work to uncover these concerns earlier in the disease process when more effective and affordable veterinary treatment options are available. The cost of routine lab work now can save hundreds of dollars later.

Parkside’s Approach to Dentistry and Anesthesia

Dentistry is one of the most rewarding, and overlooked, procedures that our team can provide due to the enormous and often immediate benefits it has in addressing pain in the mouths of dogs and cats. The teeth of your pets are very similar to your own and the care required to keep them healthy isn’t so different either.

Our vet clinic performs complete anesthetized dental cleanings and examinations including full mouth dental x-rays, detailed evaluations for cancer, and total periodontal care for every dog and cat. Every patient receives pre-surgical lab work evaluation prior to anesthesia so that our veterinarians can develop an individualized anesthetic and surgical plan. Throughout the dental, or any anesthetic procedures, your pet is carefully monitored and any changes in temperature, heart rate, respirations, oxygen saturation or blood pressure are immediately addressed. We believe there is no higher priority than the safety of our patients.

Other Surgical Procedures

At our Aurora animal hospital, we love healthy puppy and kitten surgeries like spay, neuter, prophylactic gastropexy and removal of stubborn “baby teeth”. However, we are also here when your animal has a more critical surgical need.  Dr. Eisenhauer is prepared to address other surgical needs such as surgeries of the eye and ear, tumor removals, diagnostic biopsies, intestinal and stomach blockages, bladder stone removal, and basic surgeries of the bones. Our aim is to provide all of the care your pet will need from puppyhood or kittenhood to late adulthood.

Our Hospital

With Parkside in the community, there is no need to visit a separate dog clinic or cat clinic – we provide for the medical and behavioral needs of both. We have enrichment to help minimize the stress of our patients, including pheromone support, spacious exam rooms, and a window in our kitty room where our nervous cats can be distracted and happy during their appointments.  We work hard to provide a calm environment so we can complete a thorough and accurate examination.  Our lobby provides several areas where pets can be separate from each other, and our goal is to minimize wait times for the convenience of our pets and their families.

Our Parkside staff has made a commitment to not only our owned patients, but also the homeless pets in our community. We work closely with several rescue groups to get their foster dogs ready for their new homes, which sometimes includes extensive care from our animal clinic staff.  Some member of our team assist with spay and neuter campaigns in underserved areas of Colorado as well as abroad, helping to reduce pet overpopulation in the most desperate of regions. We believe our responsibility to pet health extends beyond our Aurora veterinary clinic, and strive to carry this out in meaningful actions.

We would be thrilled to meet your pet – please call us or email us to set up an appointment today! We take great pride in the belief that we offer the best service of any animal hospital in Aurora. We have made veterinary medicine our life’s work because we love the animals in our care, and would like the opportunity to work with you and your animals.

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